Camp 6, Edmonton AB


General Guest Information

Guests should arrive and be seated at least 15 minutes before the start of the Iron Ring Ceremony.  The Obligants will informed of the start times.  The seating may not be reserved, it is open to all.

Latecomers will not be admitted to the Ceremony once it begins and anyone leaving the Ceremony will not be readmitted until it is complete.

Any Engineers that have previously participated in an Iron Ring Ceremony and are wearing their Iron Ring may attend any Camp 6 Iron Ring Ceremony and sit in guest seating.

If planning to bring a child as a guest, an adult must accompany the child and is responsible to ensure that the child is able to site quietly for the duration of the event.  It is recommended that children under six not attend the Ceremony.  

Guests may dress more casually than candidates participating in the Ceremony.

No photographs or recording devices of any kind are allowed to be used during the Ceremony.  There will be an opportunity for photos at the conclusion of the Ceremony.  

During the Ceremony, guests are asked to refrain from clapping or cheering to ensure that all participants can fully participate in the Obligation without disruption.

The Iron Ring Ceremony is not secret, but it is a personal private occasion.  We ask that you treat the contents of the Ceremony accordingly.

Graduating Engineering Student Iron Ring Ceremony Guests

Graduating Engineering students eligible to attend Camp 6 Spring Iron Ring Ceremonies in the ETLC Solarium may invite guests to view their Ceremony in designated adjacent ETLC classrooms and can meet with them afterwards.  A internet link for remote viewing may be provided that can be shared with guests unable to attend in person.

Practicing Engineer Iron Ring Ceremony Guests

Each candidate may invite up to two guests, not including previously obligated Engineers who are wearing their Iron Ring.   Guests are free to attend the Iron Ring Ceremony, with some restrictions.  The hall is open seating.