Camp 6, Edmonton AB


Graduating Engineering Students


Students who are eligible to be convocated from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Engineering in the Fall and Winter terms each year are invited to be obligated at the Camp 6 Spring Iron Ring Ceremony held near the end of the Winter term.  


Students not on the Faculty Convocation list provided to Camp 6 will not be invited to attend the spring Iron Ring Ceremony and will not receive an Iron Ring.

If eligible graduating students are not able to attend their Spring Iron Ring Ceremony, they may apply to attend the next Practicing Engineer Iron Ring Ceremony, tentatively scheduled for November 2024.  Information on this date will be posted on this website later.

Spring 2025 Iron Ring Ceremonies

U of A Engineering students completing their degrees in the 2024-25 Fall & Winter Terms who are eligible to be convocated in November 2024 or June 2025 will be invited to attend the spring 2025 Camp 6 Iron Ring Ceremonies.  These will be held in the ETLC Solarium on at a date to be confirmed.  There will be four Iron Ring Ceremonies to choose from, each proceeded by Iron Ring sizing in an adjacent room.  Guests can view the Ceremonies in adjacent classrooms and online.

Camp 6 will provide further details at ENGG400 on a date in February, 2025, and the information will also be emailed to eligible student '' emails.  Graduating Engineering students do not apply to attend Iron Ring Ceremonies through this website, they are invited directly by Camp 6.

Iron Ring Sizing

Eligible students will be sized for their Iron Rings immediately before their chosen Ceremony, in rooms adjacent to the ETLC Solarium.


Candidates are requested to wear business appropriate attire to Iron Ring Ceremonies, as they would for a job interview or Capstone presentation.

The Obligation Certificate

Students must pick up their Camp 6 Obligation Certificates as they leave their Ceremony.  If the Certificate isn't picked up, the graduating student won't be added to the Register, and they will not be eligible to wear the Iron Ring.  They will also not be able to replace a lost Iron Ring.

Additional Details

Candidates can expect to stand for 60 - 90 minutes as they gather and attend their Iron Ring Ceremony.  If an accommodation is needed, please notify Camp 6 in advance so that arrangements can be made.