Camp 6, Edmonton AB


Registration is open to the following categories of candidates:

Practicing Engineers and Graduated Postgraduate Engineering Students:

This type of Obligation Ceremony is for Practicing Engineers and MSc and PhD graduates (who have not already been obligated).   

Individuals in this category must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Practicing Engineers apply to attend a Camp 6 Iron Ring Ceremony by filling out and submitting the form at the 'Practicing Engineers' tab under the 'Iron Ring Ceremonies' menu selection above.

Note that Practicing Engineers may not get obligated at the graduating Engineering student Ceremonies held each spring.

Graduating Engineering Students

Students who are eligible to convocate from the University of Alberta with a B.Sc. in Engineering in the Fall and Winter terms every year are considered eligible to be obligated for the Camp 6 Spring Iron Ring Ceremony held near the end of the Winter term.

Students in their final term must apply to the U of A Faculty of Engineering to graduate and be placed on the Faculty convocation list to be eligible for the Camp 6 Iron Ring Ceremony.  This list and student emails are shared with Camp 6.  Those not on the Faculty Convocation list will not be allowed to attend the Spring Iron Ring Ceremony and will not receive an Iron Ring.

If eligible graduating students are not able to attend their Spring Iron Ring Ceremony, they may apply to attend the next Practicing Engineer Iron Ring Ceremony.  Information on those dates will be posted on this website.